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One summer day I took my partner to suck and we went to different houses for a fun crow... The day was sunny, hot and we were both in shorts and shirts. After a few trips without teenax incident other than the toilets that we have been attended in the past. I left it near the door and went to the park. If 5 minutes later he went to pee standing stones, solo, masturbation. He nodded toward the cabin and saw a series of five one teenax had closed. I went to the next and when I looked through the hole in the wall, I saw an eye looking at me. , I got up and began to stroke my cock through the thin fabric of my shorts cotton, burning sensation, it begins.... makes me teenax always hard to know someone is watching me.... His tongue came through the hole and forced by my dick through the hole sticky... He immediately grabbed with both hands and began to masturbate furiously.... lick my balls at the same time. I was rock hard in minutes, and beautiful as I passed through the hole and told him to stand. It was obvious that he was naked, about 22, slim, with dark hair and a nice stiff cock. I pushed my dick in my pants opened the door I looked at my friend, it remains difficult in the rocks with no one else in place. Then I stood in front of the cabinet to the side and opened the door slowly. The young man teenax stood there, jerking off, so come see it.... I stepped back and motioned to follow me, so my friend could see it. When he left the cabin, kneeling before me, and that was when I could clearly see the face and chest covered with cum... was still rolling on the chin and on her tits as she took my cock in her mouth. My friend went and the man grabbed the tail and began to masturbate. He said he wanted milk, and for an hour and five roosters had... and judging by theAmount of milk was, we think that covered it. grabbed her head and pumped my cock into her mouth to chin sticky balls, my friend squeeled twisted her nipples until... loved it... Then when I run I felt out of the mouth and pulled hard and fast until I shot all over her face, her hair red and her tits tortured.... My friend was standing next to me slid his cock in the mouth, guys and empty the balls of the guys neck. returned to the cabin to be cleaned, the youngest is the same and my teenax friend was waiting at the door. If the type of wearing his business suit came, asked if he come back to us, even a longer tail, but when I said I really wanted for more sperm of strangers, who invited him to join us in the afternoon when we look lead to more apartments.... all 3 of us looking for cock.
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